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National Grid control room

New Data Requirements

We still require your feedback and insight on the following data items that have been suggested could be valuable in the industry. Please vote and provide the context to why - the context is equally important to your vote.

Next Day in Brief - vote

Our Day in Brief overviews are provided to increase transparency about our commercial decisions and operations.

Below we have identified 4 separate days on which National Grid took balancing actions. Here you can see the Predicted Closing Linepack at each point during the day, along with the volume of trades, opening linepack and closing linepack. Please use the voting buttons to choose which days you would like to see a more in depth analysis on. This will be provided on the data community site, as well as an overview at a future Operational Forum.

Alternatively, if there are any other days you would like us to cover, please leave us a comment on the discussion board.

04 August 2019

Linepack closed at 346.5mcm – loss of 0.7mcm

18 June 2019

Linepack closed at 340.2mcm – loss of 0.4mcm

26 July 2019

Linepack Closed 348.8mcm – gain of 4mcm

08 July 2019

Linepack closed at 343mcm – loss of 3.8mcm

Voting Results

Thank you to all those that voted in the last round of questions, this really helps us to understand your needs, and enables us to prioritise our future development.

21st August 2019

Requirement Votes for: Votes against:
Supply & Demand consistent timestamp 13 0
Missing Data – null value 7 0

15th April 2019

Requirement Votes for: Votes against:
Instantaneous Demand 11 0
Day in Brief 9 0
Market Price Data 5 1
Trading Data 4 0
Gas Quality 2 0
PCLP 2 0

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