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Prevailing View Feedback/Questions

Martin Cahill
Operational Liaison Lead at National Grid

Hi, Please provide any feedback/questions on the prototype prevailing view screens here.


4 replies

    • Shift Trader at Drax Power PLC

      Thanks for providing an preview of the updates to the prevailing view screens. In my opinion the data is much easier to access and you can quickly extract the key information/metrics on the state of the gas system. The key messages and service updates at the top of the screen would also be very useful, especially on the mobile view.

    • Operational Liaison Lead at National Grid

      Thanks James, will pass on your feedback to the design team

    • Project Manager at National Grid

      Thanks the comments James. Once we have received further feedback we will start the process of final review and then building the new screens. There are some further changes, such as labeling, to ensure that we are in line with UNC Code.

      A number of comments and questions were also raised at the recent Gas Operations Forum, and we will ensure that we post a response to these also. Thanks, Tony

    • Shift Energy Trader at RWE Supply & Trading GmbH

      Hi The UK Gas System and Market Status tab seems much clearer. Am intrigued by the Projected Closing Linepack graph - I see this covers a long date range - are the data points hourly? Will we be able to zoom in and inspect an individual Gas Day and see precisely (to the hour) when selling and buying action took place?

      Thanks, James.

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