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Instantaneous flows

Joseph Benson
Energy Markets Analyst at SSE Hornsea Ltd

Currently instantaneous flow data can be downloaded in excel format from the user defined download page. Would it be possible to duplicate or move this option to the data item explorer so that 2 min supply data can be downloaded via API?

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    • Operational Liaison and Business Delivery Manager at National Grid

      Hi Joseph thanks for your question and glad the data is proving useful. The core MIPI system where users pull APIs or utilise data item or report explorer is being fundamentally enhanced during this project to ensure it meets the changing needs of the industry. Enhancements to the operational data suite is a key part of this and we know both yourself and the wider industry have prioritised particularly demand data as key to driving efficiencies in the market. This data item now validated by the industry will be added to MIPI (core information provision system) and will be able to be pulled via APIs and data item explorer going forward but this involves change to our core systems to make this data fully available for APIs etc. and we now are in the process of starting to enable those changes. In the meantime we have created a manual process to provide a daily overview of the data which can be downloaded in excel. We will continue to update the industry on progress of these enhancements.

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