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Instantaneous Demand Data

Martin Cahill
Operational Liaison Lead at National Grid

Please provide any feedback about our test demand data. Do the live and API links work for you? Are you having any issues?

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    • head of gas trading at Energy UK

      Really great to see the instantaneous demand data being trialled, it will help the market have a fuller understanding of the state of the system. look forward to it being integrated into current pages

    • Project Manager at National Grid

      Thanks Julie. We expect the change to be live on or around 14th June, further updates will follow

      We have had some feedback regarding the categories and we have agreed to change the wording of LDZ Demand Flow to LDZ Offtake Flow to avoid confusion.

    • Head of 24/7 Gas Dispatch & Trading at Uniper Global Commodities SE

      The data looks really good. Are you also considering extending the "userdefineddownload" page on the MIPI platform with the new instantaneous data items?

    • Energy Trader at RWE Supply & Trading

      Agree with Reinout, good data but with only 10 min view the emphasis is on the user to database this info to be able to visualize this demand shape. Should have user defined download the same as entry zone supply.

    • Operational Liaison and Business Delivery Manager at National Grid

      Hi all yes I agree the ultimate and intended solution is that it should be in data item explorer and on prevailing view and those changes will come next year along with other visualisation and user experience changes.
      The specific changes to make the data available outside of API's are more fundamental but we didn’t want to delay getting valuable information to market as soon as possible. We can if needed provide advice on how to set up API’s and also include link to API user guide.

      We would also be happy to include some more visualisation of the data set on this data community platform in comparison to the existing supply data set. If this sound useful let me know.

    • Project Manager at National Grid

      Thank you all for your comments on this subject.
      David - we aim to have the data available via 'User Defined Downloads' in the next 6-8 weeks, this is under development.

    • Gas Trader at Hartree Partners

      Is there any plan to break the demand flows down into individual exit points as seen on the supply side?

    • Operational Liaison Lead at National Grid

      Hi Henry. Not at the moment - as with within day nomination data the view is that we do not publish down to this level of detail for individual exit points an instead have it at category level. As with any of the data we provide, requirements can of course change in the future and we will listen to industry feedback. We would also need agreement from each site to provide this data

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