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Demand Forecast data - feedback on current data provided

Martin Cahill
Operational Liaison Lead at National Grid

What value do our Demand Forecasts provide to your business? What is the impact when actual demand differs significantly from forecast?

Do you have all the information you currently need?

Forecast Demands (Day ahead/within day LDZ and NTS throughput) and D-2 to D-5 NTS Demand are available on Report Explorer.

3 replies

    • Energy Analyst at Centrica

      Hi Martin, the wd forecasts are useful. I noticed though that the LDZ actuals (d+1 and d+6) for LDZ region SE has been well below forecast since 31 Aug 22. The actuals looks too low if compared against history and vs DM and NDM actuals for this period. Is this something you are aware of? Can you please check why there is such a big discrepancy between forecast and actual.

    • Operational Liaison Analyst at National Grid

      Hi Human thank you for your feedback, regarding the SE LDZ Actual data we were recently made aware that there was an issue with this data so our IT Support Team is looking into it. I will let you know when there is any updates or if the data gets updated.

    • Energy Analyst at Centrica

      Thank you Sam

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