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Gas Operational Data Community

The purpose of this site is to enable collaboration within the market, providing further transparency of gas operational data. This will enable NG to communicate to the market in an efficient manner on residual balancing decisions, to provide better visualisation, to test concepts and gain feedback.

If you would like to get involved then you can create an account on our website by clicking the regiter button below and this will allow you to vote and comment on upcoming features and find out when we add new data and updates.

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Energy Balancing - After the Day and Invoicing

As shared at the November Forum, National Grid and Xoserve have been collaborating on the Energy Balancing journey ​

In response to feedback, a new 'After the Day and Invoicing' guide has been published which pulls together information across the processes. This highlights key contact information which was specifically requested by customers during feedback. 


Changes to Gas Security Notifications

This winter, we are changing the name of our Gas Deficit Warning and making some changes to how we calculate and notify the market of potential gas supply/demand imbalances. Please watch this video by Phil Hobbins which sets out the changes to Gas Deficit Warnings. 

A video explaining the changes to Margins Notices can be found here.

A Q&A explain all of these changes can be located here.

National Grids control room

Data view

We're making big changes to the way we present our data to make it much more powerful and easier to use. Select the type of data you wish to view from the tabs below.

Although this data is obtained from NG systems, it is important to note that this is trial data and not yet formally published - all agreed operational data should be obtained from Prevailing View as usual.

Supply & Demand

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Latest Data Values

PCLP OLP SND Forecast Supply Physical Supply Forecast Demand
346.3146mcm 344.6217mcm 152mcm 162.6671mcm 161.7201mcm 163.7868mcm

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Instantaneous Supply Flow

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Where is Great Britains gas being supplied from today?

Bacton13.9%22.84 mcm

Barrow1.57%2.59 mcm

Easington5.72%9.4 mcm

Isle of Grain8.42%13.83 mcm

Milford Haven14.21%23.35 mcm

St Fergus35.56%58.43 mcm

Teesside15.22%25.01 mcm

Onshore Storage This value includes data from Burton Point 5.39%
8.86 mcm

  • Bacton - 13.9% 22.84mcm
  • Barrow - 1.57% 2.59mcm
  • Easington - 5.72% 9.4mcm
  • Isle of Grain - 8.42% 13.83mcm
  • Milford Haven - 14.21% 23.35mcm
  • St Fergus - 35.56% 58.43mcm
  • Teesside - 15.22% 25.01mcm
  • Storage - 5.39% 8.86mcm

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Please be aware the instantaneous flow for Norway is an estimate derived from St Fergus & Easington.


Instantaneous Demand Flow

Instantaneous Demand Flow

We are now trialling a live Instantaneous Demand solution, updated at the same intervals as supply data.

The pie chart displays demand broken down into the following 5 categories and will be updated every 12 minutes, with 2 minute intervals:

Total of all category demand flow will not match with NTS Demand Flow, as the NTS Demand Flow includes NTS Shrinkage components.

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Gas Query Directory

To help you efficiently find the right person to talk to in relation to specific National Transmission System operational gas queries, we have developed the following contact list and directory. We have based it on the most common queries we receive from our customers. Its purpose is to make finding the right subject matter expert within National Grid, quicker and easier than ever before.

Please note that if your query relates to a home or domestic gas connection or meter exchange, please contact your network operator. You can find who your network operator is on the Energy Networks Association website.  

Download the directory


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